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Marcy MP3500 Platinum Home Multi Gym with Thigh Trainer Review

If you are going to purchase a home Multi Gym, then you’ll want a station that is both versatile and challenging. Fortunately, the Marcy Platinum MP3500 Home Gym is both of these.

Not only is this a functional home multi-gym but also it is comparable in quality to any standard weights machine you’ll find in a commercial gym. Ideal to keep you from losing interest in your muscle building routine and perfect for working out at home.

This home multi gym delivers a broad range of strength training exercises for both your upper and lower body. An impressive 65kg solid vinyl weight stack offers around 97kg of resistance and uses 14 weight plates that weigh approximately 4.5kg (10lbs) each, allowing for small incremental weight increases, great if you are just beginning with strength training.

With a Maximum user weight of 21 stone, the Marcy Platinum MP3500 Multi Gym’s steel construction is robust and allows for a vigorous workout by athletes of all sizes. The assembled dimensions are H210 x W180 x L190cm, which ensures that this home multi gym will fit into most standard room sizes and is suitable for using on carpet or any solid floor surface.

Marcy MP3500 Platinum Home Multi Gym Details


Indeed there are not many home multi gyms as compact as the Marcy Platinum MP3500 that allow you to work as many different muscle groups in your body. The sheer number of different muscles you can target will provide a balanced weight training routine and will help you to achieve maximum performance.

The Marcy Platinum MP3500 has 2.5” inch thick box stitched padded upholstery for support & comfort and has a powder coated chip resistance finish that not only looks good, but also protects the gym from scratches and damage.

2000lb tensile strength aircraft cables will prevent the wires from getting stretched and from suffering any future slackness. The Marcy MP3500, features solid steel 1” diameter guide rods for stable weight plate tracking and has 4″ pulleys that contain sealed ball bearings which produce a smooth gliding action while working out.

The Marcy MP3500 Multi Gym is resistant to scratches, sweat, odours, and tears and comes with all the tools needed for assembly, which should take approximately 6-9 hours.

As with any good multi gym, the Marcy MP3500 comes with a host of useful attachments, which extend functionality and significantly improve your muscle building options.

[su_box title=”Attachments for the Marcy Platinum MP3500 include:” box_color=”#f77411″]

  • Curved revolving lat pulldown bar with multi-position anti-slip grips
  • Short revolving straight bar with anti-slip grips
  • Ab crunch strap with dual foam handles and foam neck support
  • Single d-handle with foam grip
  • Ankle strap with Velcro adjustment


These attachments are interchangable and can be used in a variety of different combinations. Three different pulley settings (High, Middle, Low) take full advantage of these attachments, whether it’s using the ab crunch strap or the lateral bar holder. With all of these options, you can easily adjust your home gym based training to suit your training needs.

The gym attachments are also enhanced with Clip on Chains that can be used to adjust the length of the attachments and also Quick Release Clips, which make changing over the attachments quick and easy.

The Marcy Platinum MP3500 Multi Gym also has a comfortable seat pad that can be adjusted to an impressive six different heights and a back pad that is adjustable to 4 different angles, ensuring maximum compatibility for differing heights.

Reassuringly, safety features haven’t been overlooked and these include a Safety Weight Shroud that that will seclude the weight stack from children and has been manufactured to comply with the EN-957 global safety standards. The design of the Marcy Platinum MP 3500 has been tested for weight loading, pinch points, shear hazards, pull in and trapping hazards and similar hazards, which can arise during use of weight training equipment.

[su_box title=”Extra key product features include:” box_color=”#f77411″]

  • Leg extension with pivot point that enables a natural biomechanical motion during workouts.
  • An adjustable cable tension which prevents any slack for instant resistance.
  • A striker plated flip up foot rest plate to provide perfect foot positioning.


What Exercises Can You Do With The Marcy Platinum MP3500 Home Gym?


The Marcy Platinum MP3500 also comes with its very own easy-to-use Thigh Trainer that will help you target your hip adductor and abductor muscles. With the Leg Extension Attachment, you are also able to target your upper leg muscles. By performing a curling and extending motion against the foam roller pads, you can work your hamstrings and quadriceps. The added stability handle will help you focus on and target the muscles that straighten and bend the leg.

By attaching the ankle strap to the low-pulley, you will be able to perform standing or lying leg curls also working your hamstrings, or hip extensions for your gluteus muscles. Squats and lunges are not overlooked with the ability to attach the shiver bar to the low pulley.

An exercise chart is included for added assistance.

[su_box title=”Legs:” box_color=”#f77411″]

  • Leg Curls
  • Leg Extensions
  • Abductor Extensions
  • Adductor Extensions
  • Multiple Thigh Trainer Exercises



The Multiple-Grip Chest Press System has six angle adjustments that will target multiple angles of your chest muscles; including flat, incline, shoulder press, and seated row too (when in reverse).

The Marcy MP3500‘s dual-function pressing bar allows for standard chest presses, overhead shoulder presses and incline chest presses.

The brilliant pectoral deck station isolates your chest with a fly movement that target’s your front and side shoulder muscles by attaching the single handle to the low pulley, enabling you to perform front and lateral raises.

Advanced free motion handles are used, and these replicate using dumbbells for chest flyes and rear flyes enabling you the ability to train with a functional biomechanical motion for more efficient strength training and a wider range of muscle building exercises.

[su_box title=”Shoulders:” box_color=”#f77411″]

  • Shoulder Press
  • Lateral Raise
  • Front Raise
  • Rear Flyes
  • Shrugs
  • Upright Rows


[su_box title=”Chest:” box_color=”#f77411″]

  • Flat Press
  • Incline Press
  • Pec Dec
  • Single-Arm Crossover



The Marcy Platinum 3500MP Multi-Gym doesn’t exclude any muscle group, and the Bicep & Tricep muscle groups are taken care of.

Target your bicep muscles by attaching the shiver bar to the low pulley to perform bent-over rows or standing biceps curls and make use of the single handle to do one-arm rows or one-arm biceps curls.

[su_box title=”Biceps:” box_color=”#f77411″]

  • Straight Arm Curls
  • High Cable Curls
  • Close Grip Chin Up Pulldowns


[su_box title=”Triceps:” box_color=”#f77411″]

  • Tricep Pushdowns
  • Single Handle Pulldowns
  • Tricep Extensions, Kickbacks



Back muscles, which are vital for stability, support, and correct posture, can be strengthened by using the lateral pull-down bar from the high pulley. Choose from a wide grip, close grip or underhand grip to rotate positions and develop strong, balanced back muscles such as the trapezius and latissimus dorsi.

Position yourself onto the floor with your feet against the footplates and you can use the shiver bar attached to the low pulley to perform seated rows. These deep muscle-building exercises target your erector spinae in your lower back, the lower trapezius in your upper back and your rhomboids and latissimus dorsi in your middle back. Performed correctly you can also focus on working the teres major in your outer back.

Other benefits obtained from seated rows can include strengthening shoulder muscles such as the posterior deltoids, infraspinatus, and teres minor, the brachialis and brachioradialis in your arms and your sternal head, pectoralis major, and lower chest muscles.

[su_box title=”Back:” box_color=”#f77411″]

  • Lat Pulldown
  • Bent Over Row (Using Chest Press),
  • Seated Row,
  • Reverse Grip Row,
  • Single Arm Row



The Marcy MP3500 Platinum Home Multi Gym with Thigh Trainer system comes with a unique middle cable station. Use the custom ab-strap attachment, wrap it around your neck and perform weighted ab crunches to help strengthen and work your core muscles.

Lie on the floor and place your head away from the low pulley, grab the shiver bar to undertake weighted crunches or weighted twisting crunches on the ground. Perform a twisting crunch by moving your shoulder towards the opposite knee as you target your obliques.

You can also target your core muscles by performing weighted reverse sit-ups. Lay down on the ground with your feet facing the low pulley and then simply attach the ankle strap and away you go.

[su_box title=”Abs:” box_color=”#f77411″]

  • Ab Crunches
  • Weighted Reverse Crunches
  • Cable Woodchops



The Marcy Platinum MP3500 Multi Gym is a superb Home Multi Gym that can be used for multiple strength training workouts or muscle building routines.

This fantastic exercise station is extremely compact and will fit into any modern standard room. A robust construction and durable finish ensure that the Marcy 3500MP Multi Gym will look good and last a very long time.

With a high weight capability and many different exercise combinations, including the unique Thigh Trainer, the Marcy 3500MP Platinum Multi Gym is suitable for beginner or pro athelete and will develop a wide range of muscle groups keeping motivation high as you work through your strength training routine.


[su_box title=”” box_color=”#f77411″]

  • Lifetime Frame
  • 3-Year Parts, Pulleys & Cables
  • 1-Year Upholstery