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FINNLO Bio Force Extreme Multi Gym, German Brand, 3 YEAR WARRANTY - REVOLUTIONARY DESIGN

Anybody wanting to work out at home should definitely buy a FINNLO Bio Force Extreme Multi Gym. The awesome FINNLO Bio Force Extreme Multi Gym is a revolutionary designed, award winning, home multi gym that has over 100 exercise options.

The FINNLO Bio Force has been described as ‘equal to any other at the gym’ and a ‘superior training station with lots of options’.

What makes this home multi gym so special? We take a closer look and provide you with the answers.

The Germans, renowned for their efficient and brilliant car manufacturing industry, can also build a unique home multi gym if the FINNLO Bio Force is anything to go by. FINNLO are a well-established European Quality Brand comparable to Schmidt & Tunturi, and are now growing in the UK.

FINNLO’S BIO FORCE EXTREME will revolutionise your strength-training routine. Instead of using a conventional weight stack, The Bio Force Extreme uses exclusive patented TNT resistance technology (Total Nitro-cell Technology). The Nitrogen-filled cylinders generate smooth and even resistance without making a noise.

Not only does this muscle and strength building station use advanced technology, it also provides many excellent training opportunities for targeting the entire body. With up to 125kg of resistance weight, adjustable on each side, you may think that this multi gym would be noisy to use but in fact, it is possible to use throughout the night as the smooth gliding action means this piece of exercise equipment is virtually silent.

The Bioforce Extreme multi gym has been used and recommended by pro athletes and even supplied to the EUROPEAN ASTRONAUT CENTRE, and it’s easy to see why. Another unique feature of the FINNLO multi gym is the way the resistance weight is adjusted. The Bioforce doesn’t contain a traditional weight stack, but instead, uses a revolutionary Slide ‘n’ lock pin system that can be easily changed at any time, making it a breeze to use. Ideal for super-quick changes between sets.



With a first class instruction manual, the assembly time shouldn’t take too long and without any heavy weight stacks to fit, then the setup should be easier than with a standard home gym.

The total weight of the Multi-gym is only 78kg, making it easy enough to move should you wish, it even comes with transportation rollers for easy movement of the machine. A unique fan-shaped design ensures that the Bioforce Extreme stands out on it own and is easily identifiable from any regular home multi gym.

The multi-gym looks stylish and comes in a grey-coated finish with black trim. A comfortable black padded ergonomic seat, can be adjusted vertically or even removed in a few easy steps. There is mesh wiring behind the seating area adding to the style. A footplate sits on the floor, and again this looks very robust and of good quality. Although the design of the home gym may appear wide, it’s still compact enough to be used in your bedroom or any other standard room size.


As mentioned the FINNLO Bio-force Extreme uses a revolutionary design that does not use the traditional weight stack seen in most other home multi gyms. With TNT resistance technology, the FINNLO Bio Force Extreme is the world’s first home fitness gym without normal weight blocks. The TNT system consists of cylinders filled with nitrogen, which generates exceptionally effective and even resistance, throughout the entire exercise motion. A pin system controls the resistant weight, that with just one hand, you can change the strength and intensity of the weight by 2.25kg incremental raises.

Not only is it super quick and easy to change the resistance weight up or down, but you can even control the bilateral resistance on the Bio Force Extreme. This piece of equipment comes with the ability to set the weight on either side of the machine, with up to 62.5kg available to use. This enables training for the weaker side of the body if needed, helping to build balanced and symmetrical muscles. This feature is generally only found in professional gyms.



The cable pulley design of the FINNLO Bio-Force offers much more flexibility allowing for a wider range of movements, which will work your muscles more effectively. Featuring two cable pulleys at the top of the machine for standard pulldown movements and extensions, this flexible machine also has two pulleys, which lie behind the seat, giving a broader range of options for your upper body strength training exercises.

Flexibility in the cables allows movements that adjust to your natural functional range of motion when compared to traditional fixed-weight lever system. These multiple adjustable pulling positions provide a more effective muscle-building workout. You can develop maximum strength, speed and endurance with a variation of reps and intensity. Build strength or improve your posture by working different muscle groups with isolated training techniques that this free weights system allows you to perform.


The FINNLO Bio-Force Extreme Multi Gym accessory sets are available to purchase as an extra, and these will add even more features to your workout routines. Upgrading to these sets will give you a more dynamic challenging enviroment and increase your exercise options.

The Bio Force Accessory Set includes a pro-grade triceps rope, open-ended single handles, such as the swivelling metal grip for arm and chest exercises, and also comfortable foot straps for adductor and abductor training. All of which come with comfortable nylon straps for a variety of cable pulling exercises. These accessories are perfect for improving core strength and stability. The Bio Force Accessory Set can usefully be stored in a plastic container that integrates into the Bio Force frame and keeps all of your equipment in one place.

Also available is the FINNLO Bio Force Power Bench. This power bench set features an extra-strong comfortable cushion with an ergonomic design that enables exercises, such as the bench press, incline bench press, rowing shoulder press or latissmus pulldown. The five-way adjustable backrest can easily be altered with one hand allowing you to quickly change your position if needed.
This accessory set also features a solid round pipe construction to support you through your workout.


Exercises and Muscle Groups

With more than 100 exercise options available with the Bioforce Extreme, then you can be assured that you can target every major muscle group needed.

For upper body workouts, you can use the cable pulleys that lie overhead. The FINNLO multi gym has two arms that have cable pulleys attached to the end of them (one each side). This allows for an attachment such as the wide-bar for lat-pulldowns to be used. You could also try a single pulley, which will focus your training on the inner back muscles much more intensively, and also you have the single pulley triceps option to engage your triceps.

The large comfortable seat enables you to perform seated pulldowns while either facing forwards on the multi gym or indeed with your back supported against the adjustable seat, while you perform some neck pulldowns.

Still working with the cables function, then more exercises include, a seated cable crossover to work the inner chest muscles such as the pectorals or try a chest press with the cables behind the seat which will increase the intensity of the workout even more.

The seat can also be removed for you to get closer to the machine. This will allow for a wider range of exercises while in a standing position.

The overhead cable pulleys can be used to undertake some core stability work also, with exercises such as a weighted seated crunch. After attaching the pulldown or single handles to the high pulleys, you can then use a chair to sit in while you hold the handles by your shoulders and lean forward to perform the weighted crunch.


Lower Pulleys

After removing the seat, you can use the lower pulleys for some further strength training exercises. Side and front lateral raises can be utilised along with the wide bar to target the shoulders.

Squats can also be performed, again by standing close to the machine and attaching the handles or pulldown bars close to the ground to work the leg muscles.

The low pulley can also be used for a wide range of isolation exercises that focus on toning individual muscle groups such as performing cable curls for the biceps.

[su_box title=”10 Great Features of the FINNLO Bio Force Extreme Multi Gym” box_color=”#f77411″]

  1. Patented TNT resistance system adjustable via sliding mechanism in 2.25-kg increments. No weights, no noise, exceptionally smooth and even resistance.
  2. Low product weight of 76 kg and transport rollers make it easy to move.
  3. Over 100 exercise options with free motion.
  4. One-hand fast adjustment without standing up – ideally suited for super sets
  5. The TNT resistance system provides exceptionally smooth and completely silent resistance.
  6. 4 Cable points per side for targeted muscle isolation and various shoulder widths
  7. Ergonomic, vertically-adjustable comfort seat can also be removed for standing exercises
  8. Exercise’s like the butterfly, bench press, latissimus pulls, leg curls, arm curls, rows, tricep presses/pulls, leg presses, leg extensions, ab training, bilateral training, neck presses, etc.
  9. You can increase your exercise options and complement the multi gym with the Bio Force Power Bench and the Accessory Set.
  10. Detailed exercise manual and training poster in a premium nylon folder



This revolutionary home multi gym certainly offers something completely different to the standard traditional home gym.
With no heavyweight stack to worry about, it’s safe to use even when the kids are about, and you can fit this multi gym into most rooms or easily move it around with its low 78kg total weight. This multi gym is suitable to stand on most hard surfaces or even on a carpet.

The patented TNT resistance system enables fast changing sets, which is ideal when you need to quickly alter the resistance during the set, for higher muscle stimulation.

Build muscle quickly and efficiently with the FINNLO Bio Force, with over 100 different exercises to work through; you will stay motivated and focussed on achieving your strength training goals.

With four cable pulleys situated in two different positions, the FINNLO Bio Force Extreme Multi Gym provides enormous flexibility with its functionality and design. 125kg of resistance weight will challenge you to progress to the next level of strength training, and this is even adjustable to change on either side of the machine to allow you to target weaker muscles.

Easy assembly and stylish design will ensure that the FINNLO Bio Force Extreme Home Multi Gym looks great, as well as providing you with all of the required features needed for an advanced exercise and strength training platform. The ability to add-on some fabulous accessories will enhance the enjoyment factor of this already impressive piece of home exercise equipment. The FINNLO Bio Force is one of the best home multi gyms available today.

[su_box title=”10 Exercises Possible with the Finnlo Bioforce Extreme Multi Gym” box_color=”#f77411″]

  1. Bench Press
  2. Shoulder Press
  3. Seated Chest Press
  4. Seated Overhead Triceps Extension
  5. Standing Triceps Pushdown
  6. Standing Biceps Curl
  7. Lat Bar Front Pulldown
  8. Ab Crunch
  9. Hip Abduction
  10. Leg Curl


[su_box title=”FACTS” box_color=”#f77411″]

  • Weight Block: No weight block because of the innovative TNT resistance
  • Max. Resistance: 125 kg (adjustable in 2.25 kg increments)
  • Upgradable with additional weights: No
  • Multiple adjustable back rests: No
  • Seat adjustable: Yes
  • Bench Press: Yes
  • Butterfly: Yes
  • Biceps Curl: Yes
  • Triceps: Yes
  • Rowing: Yes
  • Reversed leg raises: Yes
  • Leg Curl: Yes
  • Abdominal: Yes
  • Back Pull: Yes
  • Neck Press: Yes
  • Lat Pull: Yes
  • Sidewise Tensile: Yes
  • Leg Press: No
  • Colour: Black/Anthracite
  • Maximum body weight: 135 kg
  • Dimensions: 138 x 170 x 208cm
  • Space required: 168 x 170 x 208cm