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Adidas Home Gym - Black

More well-known for their athletic wear, Adidas is actually a respected supplier of top of the line workout machines, including the Adidas Home Gym – Black. A multi-purpose, compact piece of equipment designed specifically to give you a full body workout without taking up a gym’s worth of space, this is one of the brand’s best offerings in terms of price point and capability.

As with virtually all Adidas products, it comes with top of the line design and set up. The seat pads are extremely firm yet flexible with an interior of high density foam measuring out to 65mm. A weight stack of 100kg allows users to take full advantage of the dual function leg, arm and chest stations while its large diameter steel creates a durable, stable machine regardless of the exercise it’s used for.

Whether you’re a novice looking to get into bodybuilding or an intermediate wanting to add more variety to your routine, the Adidas Home Gym has everything you need for a full body build. Its arm station is dual action, giving you access to triceps or biceps based on your routine while the second station is optimized solely for the chest and back. The final portion focuses on your quads.

Perhaps the most desirable benefit of the Adidas Home Gym – Black is its compact size. Unlike many other home gyms that take up as much space as an actual gym, this metal machine fits into any corner in a very unassuming way, making it a great pick up for even those living in apartments. Its well-designed pulley system means it is a quiet, smooth machine that easily transitions from workout to workout. Currently, though, the only drawback is set up time. Ranging from four to seven hours, many users were not expecting an almost full days’ worth of assembly. Even so, once completed, this home gym proved to be exactly what they wanted.

Perfect for beginner and intermediate weightlifters, the Adidas Home Gym – Black is yet another shining testament to the Adidas brand. Set at a reasonable price point and able to help usher younger lifters into a more experienced performance level, this home gym is a must have for anyone looking to improve their strength without wanting to diminish their finances with a gym membership. Classic, compact and challenging, this machine is a testament to potential of the human body.