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Bodymax C10 Elite Strength Trainer Multi Gym

[su_box title=”Features of the Bodymax C10″ box_color=”#f77411″]

  • Adjustable seat and backrest
  • Vinyl coated grips
  • Double stitched upholstery
  • Fibreglass strengthened nylon pulleys
  • Sealed ball bearings
  • 75kg Vinyl Weight Stack


[su_box title=”Attachments Included” box_color=”#f77411″]

  • Revolving lat bar
  • Triceps bar
  • Ab crunch cradle
  • Ankle strap
  • Single handle


The Bodymax C10 Elite Strength Trainer Multi Gym is a great choice for those who are looking to replace their gym visits with a home-based multi gym setup. The Bodymax C10 is compact enough to fit into most tight spaces while at the same time provides a range of exercise options.

The Bodymax C10 is built with the utmost quality, Bodymax have ensured that this multi gym is built with quality in mind, right down to the minor details. This home multi gym would provide an excellent fitness platform for the beginner or even more advanced muscle & fitness user, especially given the number of strength training exercises available.

The Bodymax C10 Elite Strength Trainer Multi Gym looks good with its grey coated sturdy steel frame, which reassures you that it’s built to last and is not going to move around as you lift the heavy weights.

The useful adjustable seat and backrest will provide reliable support, and the double stitched, black faux leather upholstery and should protect it from wear and tear, allowing it to last a long time.


The grips are vinyl coated to provide you with a good firm hold; this is critical as you lift heavier weights, as the grip on inferior home multi gyms can prevent you from reaching the intensity needed to push through that last rep.

The quality of the C10 shows through with its ultra smooth gliding pulley system which features sealed ball bearings for the pivot points, and nylon cable pulleys that have all been strengthened with fibreglass to provide maximum strength and durability, this protects the cable from any fraying.

Experience an ultra smooth motion during your routine as you powerfully lift the weight stack, this free motion will provide a less stressful workout for your joints and muscles.

The Bodymax C10 features an impressive 75kg vinyl weight stack, a little heavier than most entry-level home multi gyms. This generous weight stack should provide enough weight resistance for even the more serious users, allowing a varied and full weight training routine without the need to upgrade at any time in the near future. The weight stack is also partially enclosed providing an important safety feature.

A big plus point for the Bodymax multi gym unit is the number of accessories and attachments that are included, meaning you won’t have to pay any extra to get the benefits from them. Bodymax is the most popular manufacturer of cable attachments, and their build quality is very high.

The Bodymax C10 comes with the revolving lateral bar, which can be held in multiple positions for a wide range of exercises. The lat pull-down is effective at building your ‘latissimus dorsi’ or the large fan-shaped muscle that extends from you upper back up towards your shoulders. The lat pull-down exercise also engages the surrounding muscles, including the teres major and minor, rhomboids, trapezius, infraspinatus and the serratus posterior inferior muscles.


Also included is the triceps bar for intense triceps workouts, use this attachment to work the three-part muscles on the back of the upper arm. Try some intense triceps extensions as you focus on using the correct form and function.

The ab crunch cradle will support your core stabilising exercises, vital for correct posture and stability. These exercises should be the foundations for your strength training routines and will provide the platform for you to achieve your weight lifting goals.

The single handle will again provide you with many different strength-training options. Attach the handle to the smooth gliding pulley system and develop your arm, chest, back and shoulder muscles with the functional free motion that the single handle brings.

Finally, the ankle straps can be used for a variety of foot and leg strengthening options. Target multiple muscle groups with the flexible functionality that is provided by using these straps.

All of the included attachments are easy to access with little change to the equipment necessary.

[su_box title=”What Exercises Are Possible With The Bodymax C10 Elite Strength Trainer Multi Gym?” box_color=”#f77411″]

  • Lat Pull-down
  • Chest Press
  • Shoulder Press
  • Triceps Press Down
  • Seated Row
  • Standing Arm Curl
  • Abdominal Crunch
  • Leg Extension
  • Leg Curl and Butterfly


All great multi gyms come with a good bench press option and the C10 is no exception. The butterflies’ four pivot points have sealed ball bearings, which allows for a wonderful free gliding motion during your repetitions, letting you evenly target those deep inner chest muscles such as the pectorals.
Even though your pecs can be the slowest muscles to grow, the 75kg weight stack will provide enough weight resistance to build a strong muscle group.

Other exercise options with this home multi-gym include shoulder press, seated row and standing arm curl.

The legs muscles aren’t overlooked with the Bodymax C10. The leg extension provides many exercise options for you to target all of the major muscle groups. Tone your hamstrings, quads and thigh muscles with the leg extension, or even attach the ankle strap as mentioned, for a more functional workout.

The impressive 75kg weight stack and attention to detail make the Bodymax C10 Elite Strength Trainer Multi Gym one of the best home multi gyms in the intermediate price band, and you can choose to assist your workout with any number of the included attachments which will enhance your training options.

The Bodymax C10 Elite Strength Trainer Multi Gym is a quality piece of home gym equipment. Bodymax, who self manufacture this multi gym; have made sure they have focused on providing a quality setup and attention to detail. This home gym doesn’t disappoint. Featuring a stable and solid construction, this great looking muscle-building platform will help to replace your expensive commercial gym visits.

[su_box title=”Three great reasons to buy the Bodymax C10 Elite Strength Trainer Multi Gym” box_color=”#f77411″]

  1. High-Quality Build
  2. Included Attachments
  3. Wide Range of Exercises


[su_box title=”Dimensions” box_color=”#f77411″]

  • L190cm x W155cm x H210cm