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York Perform Multi Gym Review

York is one of the most respectable and trusted manufacturers of weights and fitness equipment and the York Perform Multi Gym has been built to the highest standards, as you would expect from one of the UK’s most recognisable brands.

If you are going to buy a home multi gym, you are going to need something that is versatile, safe, and challenging. The York Perform Multi Gym combines all three of these and provides all the functionality you need in this mid-range multi gym.

Some mid-range multi gyms will compromise the features offered for a slightly lower price, but the York Perform Multi Gym manages to offer everything you need for a progressive, strength-training workout.



The design of the York Perform Multi Gym is vibrant and bright with a white and black coated exterior frame. The seating also looks great with a coloured black and white padded seat and a swirling orange pattern trim. The whole look of the York Perform Multi Gym is engaging, and will look great in any room it’s in and the small compact footprint will ensure that this home multi gym can fit into most standard rooms.

The York Perform Multi Gym also offers useful safety features, with a smooth workout ensured due to the sealed bearings that prevent pulling or sticking. The translucent weight stack shroud will protect you from any danger of the heavy weights; also featured is a Y-frame design, that provides enhanced stability and support while you push yourself through your workout.

With a maximum user weight of 125kg, and a weight stack of 100kg (220lbs) the York Perform Multi Gym provides a good amount of resistance weight on all of its workout stations to keep you motivated on the way to achieving your personal fitness goals.

[su_box title=”EXERCISE OPTIONS” box_color=”#f77411″]

  • Workout Stations
  • Chest Press (Vertical)
  • Peck Deck (Butterfly)
  • Leg Extension
  • Arm Curl (2 Position – Height Adjustable)
  • Low Rowing Position (Low Pulley)
  • Lateral Pull Down Bar (Hi-Pulley)


The York Perform Multi Gym has a separate press and pec arms; this enables you to perform any strength exercise without leaving your seat, as there is no need for any mechanism changes. The chest press will allow you to target the pectoralis major muscle, which is the broad muscle that covers your chest area. You can also engage the pectoralis minor, which is the thinner muscle that lies underneath the pec major, with the pec-dec.

Moving onto the arms, the York Perform Multi Gym features an arm curl that has two adjustable height positions. The arm curl allows you to focus on building strong biceps, and by having two heights to use, you can target the full range of muscles in that area.

The York Perform Multi Gym has two Pulleys that allows for further weights options. The high-pulley allows you to take advantage of the lateral pulldown bar which will work the latissimus dorsi muscle or the large fan-shaped muscle that crosses your upper back; this is awesome for building a strong, stable back which will give you a good posture.

The low-pulley provides the seated row exercise option, which will allow you to hit the trapezius muscles, latissimus dorsi, the erector spinae, rear deltoids, biceps, biceps brachialis, and forearm flexors; this exercise usually begins with a handle that puts your grip in your palms while facing toward each other.

The leg extension will provide you with an alternative option to working your upper body. The York Perform Multi Gym features a superb leg extension option, which allows you to fully work the quadriceps muscles by extending or straightening the knee against resistance in a seated position.



The York Perform Home Multi-Gym is an excellent choice to go for if you’re looking for a great mid-range strength training station. You can be confident that you are choosing a high quality, safe, and innovative piece of equipment for your weight training gym.

The York Perform Multi Gym has everything you need for an all round full body workout, and there is no compromise on the features or the quality you get, enabling you to push yourself to the limits with a tough & challenging workout.

[su_box title=”Spec” box_color=”#f77411″]

  • Dimensions: Height=196cm (77.2”), Width=115cm (45.3”), Depth=141cm (55.5”)
  • Maximum user weight: 125kg (275.5lbs)
  • Product weight: 162kg (357lbs)
  • Warranty: 2 years