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Marcy Eclipse HG3000 Compact Home Gym Review

Over the last 75 years, MARCY fitness equipment has transformed the face of fitness. Originally based out of Glendale, California, it is one of the oldest fitness companies on record and takes pride in the fact that almost all modern machines in today’s homes and gyms are modeled off of MARCY’s original designs. Today, MARCY continues this tradition of excellence with the Eclipse HG3000 Compact Home Gym. Small enough to fit in a home without dominating the space, this home gym features a durable, robust feel complete with everything one needs for a full body workout.

As with most home gyms, the MARCY Eclipse HG3000 comes with high and low pulleys for upper body and core focus as well as a preacher pad and ankle strap with velcro adjustment for the lower body. This specific machine is designed around holding a 68kg weight stack locked safely inside a 5×5 cm heavy steel frame. The weights are connected via tensile aircraft cables and multiple foam handles have been added to increase comfort. When assembled, the Eclipse measures 172x91x210 cm and comes with a standard one year limited parts warranty.

Reviews are extremely positive, happily pointing out that it is well worth the price and extremely easy to put together in about four hours. The only issue that’s been faced is felt by those over 182 cm. At this height, the lat bar doesn’t entirely match up but is still manageable. As for options, the HG3000 is virtually inexhaustible. While there is a workout exercise chart that sits on the weight stack container, it is only a small sampling of the more popular uses. Those with previous weight experience will have no problem incorporating other lifts into their machine routine.

If you’re ready to start your weightlifting journey, start with the MARCY Eclipse HG3000 Compact Home Gym. A powerful, adaptable machine capable of supporting users weighing up to 21 stone while still being compact enough to fit in virtually any space, no matter how small, it brings a full body workout to you. Including curls, rows, extensions and presses, you’ll have no problem teaching yourself proper form as you work toward a sculpted physique. Though not made for experts, beginners will find more than a year of usage with the 68 kg weight stack. In the end, nothing can compare to how great you’ll feel and look after using your MARCY Eclipse HG3000.