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Marcy Eclipse Deluxe Home Gym - Black/Red Review

MARCY has been a common name in fitness for well over 75 years. After its humble beginnings making gym and health equipment in California, it has since evolved into a modern day powerhouse bent on forever pushing the boundaries of health and fitness. It is with this fervor that they developed the MARCY Eclipse Deluxe Home Gym – Black/Red. By combining the two most striking colors and outfitting them on a machine made to take beginners to the next level of lifting, they have made lifting accessible to everyone.

Designed to look like a typical home gym, the Eclipse Deluxe surprises users with an adjustable chest press that allows you to do an incline, flat and shoulder press all by simply adjusting the angle with a spring loaded release pin. In addition, it comes with an independent pec dec made to mimic the motion of free weights as it does not put the weight on a fixed path. Other features to round out the machine include its high and low pulley system, center pulley and leg extension. Weight wise, it supports a 90 kg stack and can hold a 135 kg person.

Current users report that the machine is extremely easy to put together, only taking about 3 ½ hours. It is a sturdy, quiet gym perfect for any living situation. Apart from this, the only negatives came from the fact that the Deluxe comes with no instructions in regards to exercises users can perform with it. While not a problem for those that have lifted before, this can leave beginners lost and confused. Either way, it’s a machine that is well worth the investment and, when compared to other home gyms, is a great price.

The MARCY Eclipse Deluxe Home Gym – Black/Red is a beast of a home gym. Designed to fit into any space without dominating the room, it is a quiet addition that won’t disturb any neighbors or roommates. Beyond this, it’s the versatility that really adds value, especially for the novice. While the big three lifts are great, not everybody can adapt to them. This machine allows for great alternatives, giving everyone the chance to sculpt their physique into that of a bodybuilder’s. It should be noted, however, that this machine is only capable of challenging beginners and newer intermediates. All the same, that means years of value for the novice.