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Weider has been synonymous with award-winning workout equipment for over 50 years and nowhere is this more prevalent than with the Weider PRO 5500 Multi Gym. Its design is structured specifically for home use and those that seek a versatile, compact gym to achieve comfortable, safe and effective workouts. Weighing in at 161 kg and equipped with a weight stack of 85 kg, the PRO 5500 is perfect for the beginner to intermediate user looking to make some gains. It can safely hold users weighing up to 150 kg.

Weider Pro 5500 Home System Multi GymLike any solid home gym, the PRO 5500 comes with a butterfly station complete with padded butterfly arms, an arm press and low and high pulley stations. The featured leg station comes with a 4-foam section that allows users to isolate their hamstrings and quads during curls and leg extensions. An adjustable seat and preacher pad have been attached to ensure a comfortable workout and additional ankle straps guarantee you get the most burn you can from the pulleys.

Users praise the machine for its versatility, evinced by the booklet of exercises that come with it. You can also move around to each station without the hassle of having to undo and relink the cables that many other home gyms force users to do. Once constructed, it is solid and runs smoothly for years. The biggest drawback noted is how long it takes to piece together. Most averaged about two days of work before it was finally complete. Also, taller users will find it difficult to work their shoulders as the required position for full motion lateral raises results in awkwardly bent knees. Even still, such an issue does not detract from its overall incredible design.

The Weider PRO 5500 Multi Gym is an affordable gym that beats out even its higher priced competitors. With over 28 different exercises to choose from, you have the power to isolate and work each and every muscle group you want, and with a compact design, it fits perfectly inside of any house. Durable and solid, you’re guaranteed years of use to either bulk or cut your body into the shape you always dreamed of.