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Weider 8700 Multi Gym

From a company with over 50 years of experience and awards to back up their prowess comes the Weider 8700 Multi Gym. Complete with a 125 pound weight stack, up to 330 pounds of resistance and a two year parts warranty for those that register, this indoor multi gym is perfect for anyone looking to get in shape without the hassle of finding a gym. It is an all-purpose machine designed for the beginner and intermediate in mind.

Those on the lookout for a full body workout don’t want to have to buy 50 different pieces of equipment. They want one machine that does it all. Enter the Weider 8700 Multi Gym. Measured out to be 77 by 43 by 83 feet, it is a compact answer to all of your strength training needs. Including the capacity for leg extensions, leg presses, ab work, butterflies, lat focus and triceps pull downs, you’ll be upping your shirt size in no time. Each area is controlled by a smooth system of pulleys and rollers to make sure the only resistance you’re up against is the amount of weight you’re using. To supplement this, a step-by-step exercise chart is included. This guide has been designed by a personal trainer to make sure you get the most out of your Weider no matter your skill level.

The absolute best part about this Multi Gym is that it is modified with special additions to make sure you get the most out of your workout. A low pulley, high pulley system means you have maximum variation for your routine. With a wide bar, you can use any hand position you can think of. There is also a 4-roll leg developer designed to help you more easily target the lower body. A preacher pad helps you maintain form during bicep and forearm exercises, notorious for poor form.

Designed to last, easy to put together and versatile for even experienced lifters, the Weider 8700 Multi Gym is a must have. Able to cover all core muscle groups along with isolated movements, it’s easy to achieve that total body pump you’ve been dreaming of. Why deny yourself glory any longer? The sooner you start working, the sooner you’ll shed the fat and gain the muscle. Let the Weider 8700 show you just how much potential you have hiding behind your fears and doubts.