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Kettler Fitness Equipment is manufactured to the highest standard and conforms to the most stringent testing. It is 100% TUV tested and GS approved for extra safety and assurance. You can rest assured that this machine will last you many training sessions and through your personal journey to a fitter you. As you'd expect from a premium brand, Kettler Fitness Equipment is backed up with a 3 year parts and labour warranty so help is at hand should things go wrong. The Fitmaster is the ideal multi-gym for the beginner who wants to gradually build their muscle strength.

Kettler Fitmaster Premium Multi GymAthletes looking for an incredible workout will love the Kettler Fitmaster Premium Multi Gym. This versatile home gym is a great addition to any weekend warrior’s gym. The system allows an athlete to train various muscle groups with one convenient product. Whether you want to focus on your chest muscles with the bench press apparatus or you are looking to tone your legs with the leg extension machine, the Kettler Fitmaster Premium Multi Gym is the perfect tool for you. The multi gym is constructed with high-grade materials, and it is designed to handle the heavy loads that a serious athlete comes in contact with during their daily training sessions.

The Kettler Fitmaster Premium Multi Gym is TUV tested and GS approved for the safety of you and your family. The gym is built to last, and it is a system that evolves with an athlete as he or she continues to get bigger and stronger. In addition to the bench press and leg extension machine mentioned earlier, the Kettler Fitmaster Premium Multi Gym also comes with a lat pull down bar, a butterfly bar and a rope pull down device that can be adjusted for use with the upper or lower body.

One of the best features about the Kettler Fitmaster Premium Multi Gym is the versatility that it offers to an athlete. The machine comes with a 60kg stack of weights that is subdivided in 5 kg intervals. This means that you will normally have enough weight on hand to perform the lift that strengthens your muscles. When you are in the market for a diverse workout that will leave your major muscle groups toned, ripped and even a little sore, then the Kettler Fitmaster Premium Multi Gym is just what the fitness coach ordered.

The ability to perform rows, curls, tricep extensions, presses, and more from the comfort of your own home is just a click away when you opt for the Kettler Fitmaster Premium Multi Gym. The gym not only performs well under pressure, but it also looks great in your home gym. It is a beautifully designed system that is functional and stylish. The silver bars are offset by black pads that give it a polished look. You will look and feel great once you complete a few workouts on your brand new Kettler Fitmaster Premium Multi Gym.