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BH Fitness Global Multi Gym Review

The BH Fitness Global Multi Gym is a total body workout designed with the widest range of possibility. From it’s adjustable leg press to the dip and leg raise tower, the Global is more than just a stereotypical home gym. To date, it is the most complete home gym that can be purchased while still managing to stay compact enough to fit within most households. Beginners and home gym fans will find exactly what they need with this model of excellence.

The Global provides its weight through a 100kg weight stack made of solid vinyl that is located in the rear. It is even encased and shrouded for an extra level of safety. Each plate is clearly marked, allowing you to easily follow your progression. The cables used in the system are high tensile 2,000lb aircraft cables to ensure a smooth pull each time. For further security and sturdiness, the entire gym is outfitted with extra points of floor contact for as much stability as possible.

In regards to exercise capabilities, the Global is as complete as they come. Including an overhead bar perfect for building chest muscles, a leg press ideal for the quads and a dipping station aimed at your triceps, there’s no muscle group you can’t target, making this machine perfect for overall body fitness. Like most home gyms, this one also requires assembly, however users have agreed assembly is incredibly easy and fast. As soon as it’s pieced together, it is ready to go.

The only concern home exercisers may have is the noise level. With stacked weights, it can be hard not to slam them down, disrupting quiet hours in the night or morning. Though this is a potential problem, many will know that proper form means the weights don’t slam together. By controlling your movements from beginning to end, you will maintain quiet while getting an even better workout than you could with any other home gym.

Beginners and home gym rats will be more than pleased with a BH Fitness Global Multi Gym sitting in their living room. Easy to put together, even easier to use and ready to push your body to the next level, it is the perfect single addition to any room in the house. With this machine, you’ll never have to invest in any other equipment, except for maybe some more weights for the stack as you get stronger.